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I know this is a bestseller and I'm late in reading this etcetera. Picked it up from the library and started off without the least idea of what was inside. I mean, yeah, I know it's about a 30+ aged divorcee, rediscovering herself on a trip that spans across Italy, India and Indonesia in a year- 4 months at each destination. But I wasn't sure if it was going to be inspirational and/or a fun ride for me. Bestsellers hardly mean great books.

So first off: It wasn't inspiring for me, though it did motivate my inside-writer just a leeeeetle bit.
Secondly, it wasn't exciting either. But that doesn't have to mean that I hated the book either! I kinda liked it, though my interest seriously waned while she was in the second leg of her journey- aka India.

Italy: Eat
My favorite was the first part when she goes to Italy. That was so much fun and interesting a read. I got just as addicted to Italian as her and I LOVED that Italian favorite word of hers just as much as her. (shall I tell it out loud?) Attraversiamo. Love the way it sounds, what it means, I loved the whole Italian-ness of it. I love how the writer just indulged herself all through her Italian trip.

(for the curious- Attraversiamo means "let's cross over". It's a pedestrian word.)

India: Pray
Apart from being holed up in some Ashram and meditating, she doesn't exactly travel India. duuuuuuuuuuuuuuuh. I mean, we've like the most amazing, crazy country in all the world and she just sits and meditated for the whole 4 months? That totally had me going "loser" and skipping through her India-exploration quick as you please. I get it that not everyone comes to India for trippin', but hey- Nirvana can come from doing deeds. I guess why I hated her idea of India is because for me, religion is a two-way thing- we have to be spiritual, but also grounded enough to recognize our surroundings and try to do our best in helping out those around us. Hardly what happened in this India-trip. Gah.

Then why did she have to be all trying-to-prepare-for-the-poverty-in-India by going to Sicily and then just being holed up in an Ashram then? Graaaarr. ok, I know most of you wouldn't agree with me though.

Indonesia: Love
Indonesia is a whole different story. She just relaxes. Is all. And oh yeah, meets up with strange healers, fall in love and finally-ACTUALLY does a good deed. She pretty much saved herself in my eyes with that one thing.

Concluding notes
Like the title, the book indeed goes from the EAT part, to the PRAY part next, and finally to the LOVE part. Though the last one sure took a looooooong time to happen. You get messed up with healers for a long while before the love part happens, trust me if you haven't read this yet.

Despite my several disappointments with the book, I loved it 'cos she starts living for herself and doesn't feel ashamed for just livin' it up one whole year. Hey, sometimes we all need to take a year or whatever off, so that we can come back a better person.

Props to her for making this an engaging read, great flow, lovely language and just delightful in a happy way.

And finally, attraversiamo. =)


Renu said...

I also felt the same about India part..

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Jerly said...

I liked the way u analysed the book. it was funny. I have seen the latter part of the movies while she was in india and falling in love etc. I liked the message in the ending. and I liked the way u rounded up the post saying she did a good deed and saved her face in ur eyes. ha ha funny. I have posted recently on a movie "black swan". maybe u could check it out.